Message from the Director

Welcome to our world-class sales and marketing representation company. We focus on boosting hotel, resort and lodge businesses in South Africa! Our top-notch team of five members, based in Gauteng and Cape Town, specialises in representing our members to the domestic and international travel trade. Contact us today and sign up using the Membership Application Form below.

We pride ourselves on being experts in B2B services and guarantee that your brand will be seen and heard through our advanced marketing efforts.

We are more than a sales team. We understand that a hotel, resort or lodge is more than just a property – it’s a feeling. With our exceptional representation services, we ensure that your hotel, resort or lodge evokes a positive feeling, captivating visitors with exceptional experiences, making their visit unforgettable.

Let us help your destination make a mark in the hospitality industry in South Africa.

Best regards

Membership Application Form

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